Honey jar labels printing

Honey Jar Labels Printing

With the current market for crafted, homemade farm products, which includes honey, as an increasingly lucrative market, competition there will intensify as time goes on. Therefore, it is time for producers to think carefully about attracting the attention of potential buyers.

Why the label is important

Retailers may only sell a certified product if it has a label with helpful consumer information.

The jars for honey are plastic or glass, allowing the contents to be clearly seen and the quality to be visually assessed.

Labels for honey jars with basic information

The producer needs to buy labels for honey to place a range of information that is important to the consumer.

  • expanded name (specify category – Eucalyptus, buckwheat, floral),
  • product weight;
  • year, month of honey collection;
  • date of packing;
  • shelf-life;
  • conditions of storage;
  • information about the apiary, location, manufacturer;
  • indicators of nutritional value (optional for Kraft products).

The main functions of the honey labels and stickers

  • Printing stickers on cans is a way to learn as much information as possible;
  • Attracting attention, encouraging to make a purchase;

The honey sticker should be catchy, memorable, high quality printing. It is necessary that the information should be clearly distinguishable.

Our print shop offers digital printing of labels for jars of honey.

  • The honey label printing will take a minimum of time;
  • It will give you the opportunity to make changes to the source almost instantly;
  • Also provide an opportunity to choose the most suitable shape, size and color of the label.

We guarantee that honey labels of any shape will be bright, beautiful and durable.

Self-adhesive labels are printed on high quality paper or polymer film that meets the standards for labels with high durability. A beautiful self-adhesive honey label will enhance the reputation of honey producers and help increase the number of loyal customers.

Features of label printing for honey products

  • Actual color solution is soft warm colors: yellow, orange, light brown, red;
  • Special tamper-evident valve. The tamper-evident valve is very important for honey labels, because such goods are often delivered to homes, and buyers want to be sure that the jar was not tampered with upon delivery;
  • A positive, cute image that appeals to children’s audiences.

Small companies often order honey label printing with general information, and fill in the data about a particular batch of goods by hand.

The digital printing capabilities of self-adhesive labels allow you to assign each jar its own number: so it gets even more individuality.

If you have a small batch, and there is no need to order a large circulation, order emergency printing of labels for honey jars in small quantities at affordable prices.