Beauty And Wellness Products

Beauty and health products are very personal. They take special care of our body, moisturize our skin, help us get rid of dead skin cells, and provide us the confidence to step outside of the house. Instant Printing takes pride in creating the special trust between beauty products and their users by providing custom label printing services. In addition, our digital label printing technologies provide a distinctive feature to the products for the shoppers.

Wellness product labels

Instant printing label printing technologies help showcase the contents and features of beauty and health products. The advantage is twofold as Instant Printing uses the correct adhesive combination, so the custom label does not fall off from the constant moisture content in the bathroom. Our experienced employees ensure labels are resistant to oil and especially water. Be it soap, shampoo, or conditioner; Instant Printing promises the custom label printing placement is permanent. The label will not wrinkle, tear, or dirty your hands with any ink smudges.

Instant Printing carries a diverse portfolio for your beauty and wellness label needs. We print:

  • Soap labels
  • Shampoo Labels
  • Moisturizer / conditioner labels
  • Shower gel labels
  • Toothpaste and Deodorant Labels
  • Make-up Labels
  • And much more.

Digital Label Features

Whether our client requires a bright custom label or a muted design that complements the final packaging, Instant Printing uses numerous printing methods with the right material and layout combination to perfect the designs.

Extended Custom Labels

  • Instant Printing uses foil labels to design ultra-best elegant designs covering the entire label or selective parts the clients wish to outshine.
  • The embossing facility is present to make the labels more appealing and decorating to attract the customers toward shopping client’s beverages.
  • Custom label printing is also available that focuses on targeted, international, or niche markets.

Instant Printing uses various printing technologies, custom materials, and perfect adhesive combinations for the perfect finish. We supersede our clients’ expectations with extensive research and competent employees. Instant Printing considers the following factors when creating the perfect label for its clients:

  • Clients are encouraged to choose from an array of bold colors and bright fonts.
  • Label embossing services add texture to the label as well as a shine that catches the eye.
  • Labels with an extended length that mention the brand story or inspirational quotes from the owners.
  • Custom cutting technology that helps Instant Printing create labels of many shapes and sizes as requested by clients.

Beauty Products

On the other extreme, Instant Printing incorporates the following technologies for beauty labels:

  • Flexographic labels are an inexpensive and durable alternative to printing labels on a grand scale.
  • Digital label Printing services provide high color vibrancy and consistency to promote the features of beauty products.
  • Screen printing adds texture to the final label outcome.
  • Label embossing services and stamping provide a unique customization feature that will surely have your label stand out among the competitors.

Beauty Products

Our expert label makers constantly communicate the design and layout of the labels before they are sent to the presses for printing. The staff makes sure that the labels turn out exactly as designed because we take clients’ expectations very seriously. Instant Printing is an expert in following label printing:

  • Bullet lipstick labels.
  • Blush labels.
  • Liquid lipstick labels.
  • Nail polish labels.
  • Eye-shadow pallet labels.
  • And remaining beauty products.

Regardless of the location or the size of the labels, our label printing services can provide the perfect labels for our clients’ products. Label printing is an entirely custom job. We take pride in our expert digital label printing services alongside each printing step.

About us

Instant Printing has been providing a diverse set of label printing services to Australian businesses. Our expert team of 30 employees under the expert leadership of our management at Instant Pricing practices professionalism and diligence to provide excellent service.

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