kiss cut stickers vs die cut stickers

Die Cut Stickers VS Kiss Cut Stickers

In the industrial world and looking at personal usage, Die Cut Stickers VS Kiss Cut Stickers has been a debate that has been present for a long time. People tend to be confused about what type would be appropriate for the particular use. When using a similar piece of artwork, both the sticker labels can be cut into any shape or size, and both have the same look when applied to a surface. So, which one would work for you?

Die cut stickers and Kiss cut stickers both look pretty similar, a die cut one has a backing that is cut exact identical to the shape of the design. Kiss cut stickers typically have a square background that is bigger than the sticker itself.

Die cut stickers are cut straight through the vinyl and the paper backing that makes it fit the exact shape of the design at hand. The precise cutting allows the design to look appealing even before application. These stickers tend to be more popular because people prefer how an object visually appeals rather than focusing on the durability factor.

Kiss cut stickers are only cut through the vinyl, leaving behind the paper backing, which can be utilized to add extra style to your current design. If your design is delicate, kiss cut stickers are the ones to go for as they protect your sticker while it’s transported. They also allow quick peeling, so if your usage involves that feature, it’s your clear-cut option.

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