Double sided stickers

Double sided stickers

At Instant Printing you can order double-sided stickers and labels for bottles and other transparent packaging. Their advantage is the possibility to design the product in an original and informative way and to tell about the advantages of the product. This allows you to increase the selling power of the product and optimize your unique selling proposition.

We have focused on increasing your profits by building customer appeal and brand credibility.

Double-sided stickers and labels on bottles expand the possibilities and attract even more attention, because the information on the labels is applied on both sides – the front and back. Widely used for labelling of food and pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and other consumer goods. These include bottles for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cans and other transparent packaging.

Together with the development of individual original design you will get an attractive label that will make the product stand out among the competitors:

  1. Increases the selling qualities of the product by at least 2 times!
  2. An ideal solution when you want to place a temporary promotion or other information without changing the main design.
  3. Contains full information about the product.
  4. Raises the prestige of the company and testifies of quality products.
  5. Provides an opportunity to create an original design that allows the customer to make a quick decision about the purchase.

We use modern printing technologies to produce bottle labels. The main one is printing on the adhesive layer. In the process of work we use rubber and acrylic glue. Printing on the adhesive side of the layer allows to give more information such as a product special features or promotion .

We give additional selling properties to the label by means of perforation and multilayer technology. In addition, we apply personal, QR and bar codes and provide protection of products from counterfeit. All this together with creative design increases customer confidence in the brand and adds status.

Where double-sided stickers are used

Like their one-sided counterparts, stickers perform the following functions:

  • Distributing promotional information;
  • To communicate useful information about a product/service or manufacturer/brand to visitors;
  • Attracting the attention of customers;
  • Information (for example, about free wi-fi in a cafe);

Regarding the places where the double-sided stickers can be used, they are primarily useful for window dressing in stores, boutiques and catering establishments. On the outside they will decorate the facade and attract the attention of passers-by, on the inside they will help to diversify interior design and create a comfortable atmosphere in the premise. In addition to shop windows, stickers are used for the following purposes:

  • Decoration of glass in public transport;
  • Decorating glass doors and entrances;
  • Production of small promotional posters (up to A4 format), then on one side the terms of the action are printed, and on the other – the slogan and the image;
  • labels for marking transparent jars, bottles and bottles (e.g. perfumes);
  • in cases when it is necessary to place a maximum amount of information on a small label.

In fact, the scope of such products is not limited to anything, the customer can decide where exactly would be useful advertising materials of this kind, based on the format of a particular business.

If you want to order the printing of double-sided labels, but you do not know who you should turn to so that the work is done really well, we recommend that you call us. We will carry out prompt production and guarantee you the highest quality printing. We work with print runs of any volume and complexity.