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Chemical Labels

Instant Printing regulates OSHA requirements regarding community safety for hazardous chemicals. These include a more detailed description of liquid formulation with every chemical used in processing. Labels must be specific to each product. Every chemical label printing service uses thermal labels because of their cost-effective attribute. Instant pricing also offers customizable labels at a reasonable rate.

Beer bottle labels

Instant Printing offers a complete guide towards label printing services for commercial chemical clients. These clients operate in the agricultural industry by providing pesticide, fertilizer, and seed and soil treatment services. The custom design and digital label printing services offer versatile use for clients. Instant Printing delivers digital printing services in adherence to the government and safety regulations while still managing to showcase the appeal of the products.

The clients work closely with our extremely competent and experienced staff at Instant Pricing. We provide appealing and eye-captivating labels while still maintaining the mature use of the products. Our staff provides tours to our clients, so they understand the label printing services in detail. Instant Printing also offers third-party guidance services if you have already decided on labels or require extra assistance. Instant Printing will create and design labels to perfection. In addition, we provide the following service:

1) Digital label-making services provide color consistency and vibrancy to provide a perfect finish. The feature saves clients marketing expenditures.

2) Flexographic services are cost-effective when clients require orders at a mass scale. Flexographic service completes orders promptly while offers versatile design features.

Household Chemicals

The second form of chemicals Instant Printing diversifies is domestic chemicals found in household bathrooms and shelves. A unique combination of label printing services is necessary to promote the products in an already competitive chemical market. However, these products are also hazardous. Therefore, Instant Pricing practices a perfect balance in their label printing services. The labels provide disclaimers, legal requirements, federal guidelines, usage guidelines, and safety protocols without losing the user’s interest.

1) The ink used in the labels is very eligible and does not blur or wear off from the constant holding of the product.

2) Instant Printing uses special adhesives and materials that can withstand UV lights and chemical spillage.

3) Chemical labels are coated with a film layer, so liquids are not absorbed into the labels.

4) Professional lamination services complete the labels with a lovely shine.

5) Instant Printing offers a range of colors to choose from to perfect the outcome.

6) Instant pricing also offers foil stamping, tactile labeling, and embossing services for a truly distinctive label design and outcome.

Regardless of the nature of labels for chemicals required by the clients, Instant Printing takes pride in finding a labeling solution that supports product use and stays vibrant throughout the product use.

About us

Instant Printing is a competent team of 30 employees that work non-stop to turn clients’ expectations into a reality. We mainly cater to Melbourne and Sydney residents and businesses. Our label printing services achieve the right look as requested by the clients as Instant Printing also offers pre-press services to deliverance. Instant Printing is always present to provide assistance to clients.

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