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Automotive product labels

Automotive labels begin their journey post-production when they are applied at the final packaging stage. The labels experience transportation feel, shelve life, customer purchase, and product use. The best automotive labels are long-lasting with the ability to withstand humid auto mechanic shops and garages. Their eligibility is not compromised and facilitates customers in understanding its use and harmful effects mentioned on the label.

Instant Printing has comprehensive knowledge of the challenges automotive industries face regarding labeling. We provide the following features to assist such motorized-based clients:

Automotive industry labels

1) Digital label printing services are available that mention UTQG rating, part number, and other relevant information.

2) Lamination services protect labels from petroleum and other motorized fluids.

3) Flexible label printing services accommodate squeeze bottles and similar fluid holding vessels.

4) The label printing is coated with a chemical-resistant topcoat that does not compromise the readability of text and stays prominent throughout the entire product cycle.

5) Instant Printing uses various kinds of adhesives to ensure proper label wrapping on the toughest of surfaces.

6) Custom features include stamping, screen printing, and embossing services that ad dimension and texture to the automotive labels.

OEM Products

Instant Printing also facilitates OEM product identification label that carries the following features:

1) Instant Printing incorporates barcodes and QR codes that mention unique information, making it easier for customers to buy the correct product.

2) RFID is embedded in the labels that monitor automotive products from manufacturing to the point of sale, including shopping, selling, and delivery.

RFID tags

Instant Pricing embeds RFID tags in the labels for our customer’s assistance. In addition, RFID tags are the most efficient way of incorporating technology into label printing services without compromising the original design.

1) RFID tags identify radio frequencies. Similar to bar codes, they send data using visual scanning.

2) RFID is most beneficial for recording and maintaining large products which cannot undergo a barcode scanner.

3) RFID also transmits information over a networking system with the help of an integrated computer system.

4) RFID tags are instrumental in identifying products during shipment to calculate lead time. In addition, RFID automatically updates the inventory system and logistics data upon arrival of the components.

5) RFID results in a far better inventory system, which reduces storage and running costs significantly.

6) Instant Printing uses thermal labeling in RFIDs to protect the label in harsh temperatures.

7) RFID tags meet ISO 9001-2000 standard that consistently requests uncompromised quality in label printing from product to product.

8) RFID tags are a testament that the products are verified. In addition, the said products have passed local, federal, provincial, and foreign guidelines before reaching the customer.

Instant Printing is the best label printing company for Automotive industries

The design team at Instant Printing works closely with automotive clients and RFID placement to create the perfect labels. Instant Printing is in constant communication with the clients from start to finish, manufacturing to deliverance. Instant Printing ensures quality services based on reasonable pricing, ease of contact, minimum lead time, and innovative label printing technological means to gain a competitive advantage.

Instant Pricing accommodates Melbourne and Sydney clients for their flexographic label printing dreams. Our services use special adhesives and reliable materials to earn our client’s trust. Thus, shaping into a long-term professional relationship.

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