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Industrial Labels

Our expert team at Instant Printing has crossed client expectation regarding industrial label printing services on the following products:

1) Industrial equipment and tools
2) HVAC systems
3) Industrial wires and cables
4) Bins
5) Drums
6) Pallets
7) Shipping containers
8) Other industrial vessels

Industrial Labels

Now it’s time to practice label printing so the industrial equipment can be put to use. The labels must withstand the harshest working conditions, be it wires in subzero temperatures or furnaces and machinery operating in humidity.

Instant Printing uses the following techniques for long term label presence:

1) Instant Printing uses special adhesives that stick to the surface with an extreme grip. The adhesives are resistant to chemicals, temperature drops, and moisture.

2) Tactile labels do not wear and tear. They also do not tear.

3) Special inks are used, which are heavily resistible to extreme temperatures. They remain easy to read for the entirety of the equipment lifecycle.

Instant Printing provides custom label printing services to industrial clients. The design and layout of the labels are continuously altered to meet the client’s approval before being sent to the presses. Label printing service is led by extremely competent label designers that provide expert advice to our industrial clients.

These services include but are not limited to:

1) Customizable layout services that adhere to any surface or material.

2) Digital label printing services with color vibrancy and text eligibility.

3) Screen printing service that showcases text clearly while resistant to fading and opacity.

4) Tactile labels include warnings and bringing dimensions to the label.

5) RFID tags are present to track the equipment from manufacturing to sale.

6) Embossing and stamping label printing services.

Equipment Labels

Instant Printing takes pride in providing equipment label printing services. Every piece of industrial equipment requires information and disclaimer status. It can include how to use, adherence or installation guidelines, or compatibility protocols. Industrial labels also warn consumers or strangers to not press or click buttons as protective control against potential harms.

Safety Labels

Instant Printing also provides compliance label printing services. These are mostly consumer guidelines, so they understand the name and functions of the product. The instructions also include the product disposal system after it has reached the end of the product lifecycle.

Instant Printing prints safety labels as well. These labels are intended to warn customers against harm or any physical liability. Label printing service under safety protocols requires information to be permanently attached to industrial equipment. Safety labels mention safety guidelines and color-coded hazard systems based on severity.

Graphic overlay

In layman’s terms, a graphic overlay is a helpful text present atop on machine components. These can range from nameplates to OEM to product names. The graphic overlays must not wear or peel off from constant physical touch or overtime use.

The nameplate feature is a lot easier to construct as it is different from graphic overlay. The nameplate does not contain embossing, LED, or RFID tags. Instant Printing discusses the graphic material and its types, the clients’ intended use, and overlay placement to reach the perfect industrial label.

About us

Instant Printing carries a diverse portfolio regarding label printing services. The business does not shy away from a challenge and works closely with the clients to satisfy their requirements. Instant Printing accommodates Melbourne and Sydney industrial clients with a close-knit team of 30 employees.

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