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Kiss Cut Labels Printing

What does it mean to kiss cut? Light cuts are made within the border of your custom kiss cut labels or stickers. Kiss cuts mean that the labels can easily peel away from the backing material while the backing material stays intact. A “sticker sheet” is a collection of kiss cuts on one label/sticker.

Kiss cut label printing sheets are available with any number of individual kiss cuts. Just select the size and form of the label sheet, then the number of kiss cuts or “stickers per sheet” you want on it.

Our cutting machines will produce a clean and accurate cut line, even with delicate designs, regardless of the type of custom labels you purchase. Instant Printing is a company that specializes in cutting high-quality labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. We understand the requirements of our customers and provide the best quality along with affordability.

Kiss Cut Labels
Kiss Cut Labels

Kiss-cut labels are identical to die-cut labels in appearance. The label is cut to shape, and the adhesive and artwork are of the same quality and material.

The only difference is that instead of the bespoke shape of the label, Kiss-cut labels have a square or rectangular paper backing for peeling. So the only difference between the two is this.

Kiss-cut labels/stickers are often ideal for packaging logos or label labels that will be physically applied to your surfaces. Essentially the same as die-cut, except these are easier to peel off and apply. However, because the paper backing is not cut to form, they are not fulfilling to give away to consumers and clients for marketing purposes.

The square or rectangle-shaped paper backing protects the edges of your custom-shaped sticker from scratching.

Industrial Application of Custom Die Cut Labels

Custom liss cut labels are used for almost any packaging application in several industries.
Following are some of the many industries that have a prominent use of these labels:

Food and Beverages label printing

Food and Beverages

Bottles, cans, jars, and other food and beverage containers come in various shapes and sizes. Custom kiss cut labels are commonly used on these products.

Health and Beauty label printing

Health and Beauty

Health and beauty products usually contain unique shapes and sizes and contain sensitive materials. The kiss cut labels need to be designed specifically so that they can fit properly and stay durable.

Industrial Products label printing

Industrial Products

Kiss cut labels allow flexibility in terms of shape and sizes, which perfectly fits industrial products as they come in uncommonly large sizes and unique shapes.

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