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Digital Impact

Hybrid Label Printing

While the future holds many unknowns for label converters, when it comes to printing – specifically, digital printing – there are plenty of possibilities.

With so much uncertainty, transformation and change will almost certainly be required — for firms in all industries. But, as has been the case thus far in 2020, versatility and adaptability will be on the whole show. Converters have been charged with fulfilling growing end-use market categories such as hand sanitizer, hygiene, and personal care goods on an overnight basis.

The need for digital and hybrid printers and presses will only grow as the requirement for flexibility grows. Converters will increasingly look for equipment that can provide quick turnaround times while also reducing inventory. The following is a comprehensive overview of what’s fresh and popular in this booming sector.

Digital Impact's Advantages

1) Suitable for almost any duration of the run, Digital Impact is a highly rapid program that may be used for both short and long runs.

2) The look of raised, glossy ink can improve the quality of graphics.

3) It is a great alternative to screen printing. Even for white opaques, clients who use a lot of screens can save money on preparation.

4) When pressure-sensitive films are required or when a label will be utilized in damp conditions, this is the technology of choice.

5) Registration and resolution have improved.

6) Traditional digital printing offers a full-color spectrum.

7) Even on large print runs, variable printing allows for distinct copies to be printed across the web.

8) On transparent surfaces, create vignettes.

9) Cold foil accents are offered.

10) Cold foil accents are offered.

die cut sticker
Custom die cut plastic bottle stickers printing

Quality Control for Digital Impact

1) Internal Hybrid Labels are testing findings, which were “flying colors.”

2) Rub test, bottle-to-bottle test, sled test, and Sutherland rub test was used to verify ink durability.

3) Scratch and water tests were used to confirm ink adherence.

4) Third-party fade and light-fast testing confirmed the ink’s longevity.

5) Optical brightness was confirmed.

Sustainability and Impact

1) Hybrid Press Technology is in line with our commitment to environmental stewardship:

2) No rotating screens are used on hybrid presses. UV flexo plates are used sparingly, resulting in fewer pre-press chemicals, solvents, and plates ending up in landfills.

3) Significantly less “make-ready” waste between jobs = less garbage to the landfill.

4) Reducing part rolls of custom hot stamps by switching to a standard silver cold foil Means reduced trash to the landfill.

5) Cold foil printing reduces the requirement for hot stamp dies made of brass or copper, resulting in reduced tooling and waste.

Why choose Instant Printing?

Digital will always be about keeping color and color consistency and manufacturing high-quality labels as quickly as possible. Recent times have shown the practical applications of digital printing. It is undoubtedly here to grow in the coming future.

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